Turningpoint Support Centre are proud to be working with Community Partners to offer our clients the best possible service that we can. We'd like to thank all our partners for the kind donations and support that we receive throughout the year.

Bakers Delight Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre have been a huge support for our Support Centre. Their donation of bread every Thursdays has helped us to continue being able to offer this to our clients. Bread, milk and eggs have been a staple of Australian pantries for years and with the help of Bakers Delight, we are able to keep this tradition going.

We have been blessed enough to receive a delicious Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Cranbourne for the past few years.

Once a month, they kindly donate a Cheesecake so that we are able to celebrate the birthday of any of our clients in that particular month.

Having the Cheesecake, lighting the candles and having our clients blow out those candles, makes a huge impact in someones life and that small act will have a lasting impression. Clients continue to rave about the Cheesecake.

Turningpoint Support Centre is the charity arm of Turningpoint Church. Our beliefs and structure are based on Christian values and morals and are governed by our Turningpoint Church guidelines. 

We are supported and championed by the Church and work closely with members of the Church to present a spiritual aspect and solutions to the lives of our clients.

Our commission is to bring Christ to the Community and to bring the Community to Christ.

Food Bank Victoria receive all their foods from the biggest names in the food industry. Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and many more are just a few names that donate food to Food Bank in order for Organisations like ours to be able to link into and make use of their services.

We have been working together with Food Bank for many years to present quality products and produce for all our clients.



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