turningpoint Support Centre now has five locations across the city of Melbourne

helping hundreds of families every week.


With a passion for the community, Phil and Norma Cayzer set out to establish a centre that would add value to the community and be a hub where people could meet, fellowship and gain support in many areas of their lives. As the Directors of the Turningpoint Support Centre, they have been able to oversee the growth and expansion of the Centre from it's birth, it's infancy right through to the success it is today.

Cynthia Quiamboa is the Manager of our Turningpoint Support Centre.

Overseeing every aspect of the Support Centre, Cynthia is passionate about making sure that clients are well equipped to tackle the hardships that they face in everyday life. Networking with other community groups and organisations is also something that Cynthia is keen to strengthen within the Support Centre . 

Daryl Bowman is one of our longest serving members in our Support Centre and is our Assistant Manager. When he's not busy overseeing the pantry, he is on the road to pick up the food donations to have them ready and sorted by Friday morning. 

Daryl understands the struggles that people go through trying to make ends meet and so is passionate about seeing people rise up out of the ashes and become the best versions of themselves. 



At Wildpath Overflow we really love our Frankston community and know the power of relationship. So every Wednesday from 6pm, at the Tasman Meats carpark on Young Street in Frankston we bless the community with emergency food relief hampers and by serving the best locally roasted coffee. This program is well suited for transient clients who may be experiencing rough sleeping. 

Overflow has started to work with Victoria Police to deliver care packages to at risk clients within the city of Frankston, a wonderful opportunity for the Police to connect with the community and to show care and appreciation to those who are doing it tough. 


Turningpoint Hallam Food Support Centre is here to help meet the needs of people in the area.   

Being a food support agency, of course we assist clients with food, but we also provide much more.

We have qualified chaplains on hand to chat over a coffee/tea and cake about the various issues that crop up in daily and family life – especially in these uncertain COVID times.

We are hoping to grow into a community hub to welcome more people from the area and to provide services that will meet the needs of the people in the community.

We are looking to expand and fit-out our space within our church campus with shelving, fridge and freezer to better cater and care for even more Hallam people. This will also include a hot lunch.

Watch out for updates!!


Turningpoint Hallam Food Support, Pixel Play Centre, shop 2, 151 Princes Highway, Hallam.

Open Fridays 1-3pm. Phone: 5996 3048


Koo Wee Rup Connect is a service that caters to the community, providing food and grocery items for those who need support. We have a newly built facility that is open every Friday from 10:30 - 2:30pm, that enables clients to shop for the food that they need. We do have a delivery service available, please book in advance before Thursday each week. 


The Basement Food Hub is a food support program in Lilydale is for people who have fallen on tough times.​ turningpoint church Lilydale have started The Basement Food Hub to help out people from the area who are struggling to afford to feed their families.

Every Monday, the space below the Subway store in Main St is open from 9am to 1pm for people to come and shop like they would in a supermarket, but for free.



PH: 5996 4408

E: church@turningpoint.asn.au

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