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turningpoint Support Hub (TPSH) is the charity arm of turningpoint Church. We are an Emergency Relief Centre (currently in seven locations) that specialise in food parcels, helping to feed hundreds of families each year. TPSH creates a place for community support with many family activities and services like counselling, chaplaincy, money management etc. (services by appointment only)

We have been operating in the Casey South area for over 30 years and as our community grows, so does the need for more assistance. We have seen the exponential growth in our area and our heart to give, grows with it.

We are a community centre that prides ourselves in being respectful, helpful and loving. We want to make sure that you get a hand up, not a hand out. You are not just another number to us and we want to journey with you through the good and the bad times.

Welcome to turningpoint Support Hub!

Canned Food

opening hours

turningpoint Support Hub Lilydale

10am - 2pm Mondays ONLY (closed public holidays)

Basement, 193-197 Main St, Lilydale

(03) 9735 4419

turningpoint Support Hub Rosebud

9am - 11am Tuesday ONLY 

Corner Jetty Rd & Morgan St, Rosebud

(03) 5910 4802

turningpoint Support Hub Seaford

1pm - 2:30pm Tuesdays ONLY 

224 Seaford Rd, Seaford

(03) 9114 3605

turningpoint Support Hub Frankston

10am - 2pm Wednesdays ONLY

51/ 325 Nepean Hwy, Frankston

(03) 9785 7229

turningpoint Support Hub Cranbourne
10am - 1pm  Fridays ONLY (closed public holidays)

1785 South Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne

(03) 5996 4408

turningpoint Support Hub Koo Wee Rup 

10:00am - 2:00pm Fridays ONLY (closed public holidays)

319 Rossiter Road, Koo Wee Rup

(03) 5997 2217

turningpoint Support Hub Lyndhurst 

1pm - 3pm Fridays ONLY (closed public holidays)

Marriott Waters Community Centre

25 Boland Drv, Lyndhurst

(03) 9773 5551


Our new stylish pantry has been years in the making. With the kind support of the Casey Cardinia Foundation, we have been able to modernise our pantry and offer a wider range of food for our clients.

Our pantry is available to our clients every fortnight with a maximum number of 26 visits, by which time we hope that we have equipped each client with the necessary tools to lead a more successful future.

On the first Friday of every month, our lovely team of volunteers prepare a delicious two-course meal for everyone to enjoy. This is not only open to our clients, but also to anyone in the community who wishes to join us for lunch. 

This is a great opportunity to meet, share and enjoy some good wholesome fellowship in a safe environment. Why don't you join us for our next Community Lunch?

We don't have the capacity to carry  big ticket items,  but our friends at the Salvation Army do! If you are looking for some big ticket items, we highly recommend you pay them a visit. We do, however, have a few items of clothing so come in on Fridays and help yourself to the free second-hand clothes available!

As a way to help our clients better deal with certain issues arising in their lives, we have different Connect Groups ready to connect and support. 

These groups meet on a weekly basis and form a social fellowship that discuss, share and encourage.

If you would like to be part of a Connect Group, send us an email today.

turningpoint Support Hub is an advocate for further education. We offer  and recommend many courses throughout the week that anyone in the community can attend. Courses available are Better Marriages, Caps Money, Identifying Addictions, Domestic Violence Awareness, Communicate with your Teen, Homelessness, AOD, Mental Illness and many more.

Our biggest event of the year is our Christmas celebration! 

We like to end the year with a bang and so we put on a Family Fun Day with free food, free games and give out food hampers, along with presents for the children. 

It is such a great event that we have even been recognised by the City of Casey for putting on such a great day. Keep up to date with our events by signing up for our mailing list.

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Helping Hands
"turningpoint Support Hub has helped me out so much and we wouldn't have been able to get through the hard times without them. 

Getting a trolley full of food eased the pressure on other areas of our life and helped tremendously. 

I love the work this centre does so much that I decided to volunteer some time to help cook the Community Lunch on the first Friday of every month. I love being around this place, it's my happy place!"

Kalameli, Officer, VIC (formerly from Cranbourne West)

"I don't speak much English, but the staff at turningpoint Support Hub helped me understand that they were there to help and support me.
They helped me through some very hard times, but now I'm doing well. I'm thankful that when I called out for help, they were there."

Paul, Cranbourne

We use Food Support only when we need it - and we have needed it this winter. Our central heating wasn't working and we ended up with a huge bill for gas and electricity. The food provided by turningpoint has been a big help and very much appreciated.

Mary, Corinella, VIC

(formerly from Cranbourne)

Terms of service

Our motto is “A hand up, not a hand out” so our primary focus is to have a relationship where we can help you, and your family, obtain a certain level of independence where you will be able to function on your own and begin to maintain a stable lifestyle. One way we do this will be to provide you and your family with FOOD SUPPORT for the next 6 months (from the date you first became a TPSH client). An extension of a further 6 months will be considered, if you choose to accept extra assistance we provide (e.g., attending a CAP money management course, Boundaries course, ALPHA course, Drug Awareness course). TPSH also provides other services, but they will be subject to availability. A number of other support services are also available through our church such as clubs for kids, youth, young adults and senior citizens. The goal is to help you build or re-structure your lifestyle for you to gain traction once again.

We may also contact you from time to time to let you know of events and courses that we are running. If you choose to stop receiving communication from us, then we will assume you wish to stop receiving assistance from TPSH.

TPSH endeavours to provide you with a respectful and caring experience and your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. TPSH acknowledges the need for privacy, so we declare that the information we gather from you will not be distributed outside of the turningpoint network, save its reasonability under Australian reporting laws, Victorian reporting laws, turningpoint by-laws and data analysis to assist with improving our services.


Please be aware that the food we provide is sourced from agencies such as Foodbank Victoria, Second Bite, Fair Share, Gre8, Ozharvest and selected local suppliers. Although care is taken to make sure the food is fresh and consumable, there may be circumstances beyond our control, where the food may not be of this nature. Our suppliers attest to the quality of the product and its suitability even if it is past its “best by” date. Therefore, we require your email and mobile phone number in case of any recall or required notification. All our distributed food meet the Victorian food safety and handling standards. Please contact us if there are any problems with the food supplied, so that feedback may be passed onto the service providers and our clients, if needed.

TPSH is a privately funded “not-for-profit” organisation, therefore, it has policies and procedures that govern the entirety of the services that are provided. By accepting assistance, you have agreed to abide by TPSH terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read the same and agree to everything that is written herein. These policies and procedures are in line with our parent organisations: Cranbourne Christian Fellowship Centre Inc., Cranbourne Family Support Centre and turningpoint Churches.


It is within TPSH discretion to continue, pause or cancel your support and service as it sees fit. Items supplied will have a limit as set by a TPSH worker/volunteer at the time of receiving the goods.


PH: 5996 4408


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